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All Items
Name Type Special Acquired
Dark-Essence.png Dark Essence Creature Items Cures Smokers Creature Drop
Green-Gem.png Green Gem Special Items Used for Ancient Puzzle Island
Red-Gem.png Red Gem Special Items Used for Ancient Puzzle Mountain
Blue-Gem.png Blue Gem Special Items Used for Ancient Puzzle Crystal Cave
MythicalShroom.png Mystical Shroom Special Items SummonsInfested Formonger Island
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe Weapons Allows Mining Shop
Net.png Net Special Items Allows Catching Shop
StickyGoo.png Sticky Goo Generic Items None Jungle
Cloth.png Cloth Generic Items‎ None Quest
PlantFiber.png Plant Fiber Generic Items‎ None Island
Slimy-Membrane.png Slimy Membrane Creature Items‎ None Swamp
BoostHat.png Boost Hat Clothing Jump Height Shop
Health.png Health Potion Potions None Shop
Cheese.png Cheese Food None Hills
CrumpetWeed.png Crumpet weed Special Items Causes Dream Hills
Cigar.png Cigar Generic Items None Quest
RP.png Red Hot Pepper Generic Items None Forest
Garlic.png Garlic Generic Items None Forest


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